Sunday, October 22, 2006

about joe don baker

I am starting this blog in the hopes of hearing from other fans of "JOE DON BAKER". here is a man who has made many wonderful movies. I feel he was over looked in the movie business for the great talent he is. Most of us know him from the movie "WALKING TALL". But, those of us who are real fans of this man know him from other movies also. He is still making movies today. Those who saw the latest version of 'THE DUKES OF HAZARD", can vouch for his sense of humor. Maybe you have seen him in the "BOND" movies.
Little is known about "JOE DON BAKER", except he was born in texas, february 12 th 1936. He was married once, and is divorced. he seems to keep his life private. He is a tall straight texan who definitely still cares for the ladies, and is all man.
He has a passion for golf, and is a 'DOAD WALKER' collector. And i understand he paints also (fine art).
He served his country, and is a college grad.
I would love to hear from others who love this actor. It seems he never was given the star power, he certainly deserved to get. This man started out making movies early, late 60,s and early 70,s....And the fact that he is still making movies today tells you, he is still a underated actor. I would love to see this man
be recognized for the great talent that he is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm probably the biggest female fan of Joe Don Baker. I love this man very much and his movies. Who was he married to before?? I'm just curious.

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